Biddestone Garage  

We have returned to the scene of a former project…. In 2017? We completed a project for the refurbishment and extension of the old Schoolhouse in the middle of a Conservation area in a Wiltshire Village.

Bloomfield road planning 

A rear extension and remodelling for a typical semi-detached Victorian house in Bath.
Planning approval was achieved in June 2023, and we are now in the midst of producing the Stage 4 design information. Tendering to follow shortly, and construction is planned for summer 2024…

Wolverton Farm – Planning Approval

We have recently had Planning Approval for this extension to a farmhouse in a hamlet in Somerset. The house had already been substantially extended in 2010 but this additional extension improves the internal circulation. A new glazed extension provides a new entrance and

Weston House completion 

We are really happy with the high quality of finish on this recently completed project – a double extension to a house originally built in 2012….The landscape work is due to be done soon to complete the picture, but the house has been transformed by having the garage turned into a gym and utility

King Alfred Way, Winsley 

There are 27 million houses in the UK which need to be comprehensively decarbonized in order to meet the UK’s legal commitment to be a zero-carbon economy by 2050. That is 27 years from now – or 1 million homes per year from now until 2050.

Birdsmorgate – Design Review Panel comments

We are working on a “Paragraph 80” house on a wonderful site in Dorset.

We have adopted a very rigorous “landscape led” approach, working with Greenhalgh Landscape Architecture and Alder Ecology we have so far taken the initial design concept to the South West Design Review Panel.


High tech, low carbon in a Cotswold village

A constrained site, adjacent to a listed building, called for a creative, sensitive and highly contextualised response. The clients were looking for a house that would enhance access to their garden, increase privacy, improve flow through downstairs and provide a downstairs bedroom.

Study Trip 2022

Last month we had the first annual study trip of two years – a time to strengthen our team and build our skills together. In an effort to live out a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we kept our explorations within the UK, and set off one Friday for sunny Sussex.

Our journey to Zero Carbon

The biggest impacts of Climate Change are being felt most by the poorest people in the world – those who have the smallest carbon footprint, the least resilience to deal with the consequences, and who have done the least in the past to create the problem.

Choosing an architect

Clients often approach us with only an outline idea of their project – for example they need more space or feel there is a disconnect between their house and garden – and can’t see how best to find a solution. They feel a need for architectural insight and advice to bring a project to life; This is where we begin to add significant value. We help our clients to explore and refine their needs before responding with concept designs, often introducing ideas beyond what they had imagined possible. Not only does this help both parties ensure they are on the right path to a viable solution, but also that the solution has an expert’s insight to make an elegant proposal that gets the absolute maximum benefit for the money spent.


The case for making the assessment of embodied carbon in buildings a mandatory requirement. The really big “C” this year is not Covid or Cancer, or even Christmas…but of course it is Carbon. Strange that it is one of the most common elements on the planet and makes up about 12% of the human body and the fourth most common element in the universe. The amount of carbon on the planet has not changed since the planet was formed 4.5 Years billion years ago, but the problem is that we keep taking it out of the earth and putting it into the atmosphere in the form of CO2, causing a warming of the climate.

Architects Declare at Battersea Arts Centre

Architects Declare Conference 2019

As part of our commitment to respond to the Climate Change Emergency, Spencer Back of Designscape Architects reports from the first Architects Declare Conference.


Our Approach

From residential homes and commercial housing schemes, to art galleries, offices, agricultural and high-tech manufacturing buildings, we have extensive experience of designing architectural solutions for all environments.

Carbon and our work

The biggest impacts of Climate Change are being felt most by the poorest people in the world – those who have the smallest carbon footprint, the least resilience to deal with the consequences, and who have done the least in the past to create the problem.

Big Sheds

View on ISSUU Used to cover a number of diverse building uses from manufacturing and storage/distribution to data centres or sports, our thinking on Big

Neros Foundation Report

View on ISSUU We are proud to support the Neros Foundation through our links to one of the trustees, Cara Sykes. The Neros Foundation is