Good design is our priority. Our holistic approach to design brings the same care and attention throughout the process from concepts or masterplans to construction details.


Each work responds to its surroundings. Whether in a rural landscape or urban streetscape, our designs are generated from an understanding of each site and seek to make a positive contribution to the wider context.

Why work with us ?

We tailor our service to the individual needs of our clients. Whether you need us just to develop concept designs to overcome a particular design problem or design and manage the project from inception through planning approval, detail design, tender and construction through to completion, we can provide a service to suit you.

At Designscape, we are specialists.  There is a common perception that architects are specialists, devoting themselves to a particular type of building or working within a specific industry sector.  We are specialists in design. We prefer not to limit ourselves by project type, rather to bring our considerable experience to each brief afresh.  We pride ourselves in approaching each new architectural challenge with critical thinking and equal insight, energy and conviction.

We approach every project as a unique, individual opportunity. We do not assume that a past solution will be the best for a new project. Whatever the building use or scale, it should satisfy the universal principles of good architectural design; Physically well built, functionally efficient and effective; attractive and delightful to use.

Our approach for

Our publications

Follow the links to download our publications. These are intended to detail our approach to projects, and assist clients at the earliest stage of commissioning a building.

Our process


When a client commissions us, we believe that we are embarking on an architectural journey together. We spend time getting to know each new client, listen carefully and meet on site to understand each architectural requirement in context. We aim to quickly build trust and develop a close working relationship, which clients find enjoyable and rewarding.


At Designscape, we relish the opportunity to use our knowledge and creativity to rewrite the rulebook. We thrive on creating solutions unconstrained by conventional thinking and usually find that the result is a much better outcome – better use of a difficult site, better use of materials for increased sustainability, better arrangement of internal space resulting in an improved experience for a building’s occupiers, users and owners.

Critical thinking

Clients generally come to us with an outline idea of their architectural requirement and Designscape are able to add significant value by helping clients explore and refine their needs before responding with concept ideas. Not only does this critical thinking ensure both parties are on a common path to an architectural solution, but that every part of the brief is being answered.

Ongoing investment in new technology allows us to offer a continually improving service. Through our use of modelling tools, we are able to more accurately represent the built reality of each of our projects during the design stage, adding real value to clients and contractors before and during construction. VR headsets allow our clients to experience a walkthrough of their project from the early design stages bringing their project to life in a more tangible way. All of our work is created in a 3D BIM model environment, allowing us to produce architectural design information that is most useful to developers and contractors and parametric digital design tools allow us to optimise design performance of bespoke building parts at no additional cost.

At Designscape, we adopt a ‘fabric first’ approach in our design thinking, prioritising the choice of materials to minimise energy consumption while extending lifespan and reducing maintenance. This approach leans towards buildings that are materially rich. Often drawing on natural materials for their unique properties and inherent beauty, this, coupled with our skill in architectural detailing results in buildings that function well, are aesthetically pleasing and, we are told, are a pleasure to inhabit.

​Environmental stability is at our core. Every new brief begins with careful and efficient planning, so that in the pursuit of elegant design solutions, we only build what is absolutely necessary. We are mindful of the positive impact designing sustainable buildings has on our environment. We are equally mindful that sustainable buildings deliver life-time benefits for our clients.
In adopting a holistic approach from energy consumption (both in terms of energy used by a building’s inhabitants and the embodied carbon that goes into making buildings) to sustainable and low toxin materials, we create elegant buildings that both function well, are a pleasure to inhabit and that deliver long term cost savings. Read more about our pledge to Architects Declare here.

 Designscape’s incredible attention to details couples with their personable approach, means we have experienced exceptional journeys through our projects together resulting in superb finished buildings.

 Paul Hipkins, Global Project Manager, Seco Tools AB

Our work encompasses both residential and commercial architecture and our business is ingenious architectural design.

No two projects are the same and with our collaborative approach and drive to provide ingenious architectural solutions, our portfolio boasts a range of commercial projects and private homes of which we are extremely proud.