Designscape was commissioned to design a barn and dairy production facility for a new cheese making company. The design aims to reflect both the ethos of the client company and the site: a quality handmade product, using natural materials and low energy solutions, created with respect for its surroundings. Despite their size the buildings do not dominate, as they take advantage of the natural topography and step down the hill, enabling the barn and the milking parlour to sit above the dairy. The cold storage and maturing areas are pushed back into the hillside under the parlour. The result is a low impact design that naturally enhances the cheese making process, as the milk can flow by gravity from parlour to dairy, avoiding pumping and thus preserving the quality of the milk.

Location: Stawley, Somerset

Client: Hill Farm Dairy

Status: Completed 2009

"Designscape’s work on our project has resulted in a barn, milking parlour and dairy that perfectly match our aim to have modern agricultural/commercial buildings that sit comfortably within their rural backdrop, and in particular complement our medieval farmhouse and outbuildings. This aesthetic result was achieved while still achieving the required functionality of the buildings – we have a well ventilated, light barn, a neat, efficient milking parlour and a dairy that has been described by a French cheese consultant as one of his top 5 dairies in the world! Highly recommended in every way."

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